I remember growing up I use to always laugh at my grandma for going to bed so early. Most of the time she would go to bed around 9. On a wild and crazy night she would stay up and try to watch the news at 10. It always felt to me that she was sooo early getting to bed.

Now that I have a pregnant wife, grandma seems like a night owl. Last night after Blake Rutherford‘s big Movies in the Park announcement (which it appears my Wednesdays in June and July are now full) we went and grabbed a quick dinner and then came home. We got in about 7:30 and before 8 Brandie was curled up on the couch next to me asleep.

This has been a common thing since the first of January. I’ve heard everyone talk about how having a baby takes a lot out of you, so all you mothers can hold the comments about that. Although I do love getting comments on the blog, so please say something about it to give me motivation to keep writing. The thing is that you can be told this from everyone but until you sit there and watch her at 7:45 after doing almost nothing that day struggle to hold her head up and her eyes open while watching a (very boring granted) Razorback basketball game do you really appreciate just how tired they get.

As I look to our Chicago trip next week I am wondering how much we will actually get to do, and if she will even be able to make it through the Bulls game on Saturday night. I bet if I took grandma she would hang in there though, because she is wild and crazy like that.

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  • Erin Hackett

    I enjoy these so much Greg. Its so funny to me to here how excited you are and how you are enjoying (and accepting) all the changes. All the while Brandie (even though I know she’s excited and looking forward to being a mom) just seem so nonchalant about it. Even on the phone I couldn’t get much out of her about pregnancy! Can’t wait to see the blog about when you guys start feeling it move!

    • http://www.jgreghenderson.com Greg

      She already thought she felt it one time in the middle of the night, it was a pretty funny situation actually. I think she was just imagining it though.

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