Most things in life are a whole lot easier if you have someone going through it with you. Brandie is very supportive and calms a lot of fears that I have about becoming a dad, however her experience in this is completely different than mine. When we found out I was a little worried because my friends either had already had kids or were not going to anytime soon.

A month or so ago Keith Crawford came up to me before a Souther Social and told me that his wife was also pregnant. Yesterday Keith went ahead and announced this publicly and I am extremely happy for them. It is even better that our initial due dates are just a day apart, so as long as everything goes well with both of our wives our kids should be born very close together.

Keith is a great guy, and I really look forward to sharing some of these dad-to-be moments back and forth with him. It always helps to have a support group of someone who is going through the same things you are to talk with about what is happening. So congrats to Keith and Sunshine, I can’t think of a better guy to share experiences with.

  • Cotton Rohrscheib

    Please add me to the Dad to Be Support Group Roster! My wife and I announced this evening to our church family that we are 8-10 weeks pregnant! I am so glad you and Keith are up in line before me so I will have someone to learn how to change diapers from, etc.

    Question though, how soon should I go ahead and lock down a twitter name?

    • Greg

      Awesome, congrats. We will have tweetup baby shower

  • Cotton Rohrscheib


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