It seems like there are so many things that they do not tell you about this whole baby process. Food is turning out to be one of them.

I get the whole “odd things now suddenly go together” deal, that is pretty well documented. But at least so far the whole eating a lot is misleading.

For example, we went out to Whole Hog with a bunch of friends, partly because Brandie has this odd craving for BBQ chicken every since she smelled it cooking on the entire other side of Kroger one day.  So we go out to eat and she does not eat that much, which has been the norm lately, and she is miserable full after.

This is the thing, while yes pregnant women like to eat, they don’t eat like normal people. It seems they eat a whole lot because they have little bitty portions, or at least so far.

This seriously disrupts our eating. We fix a meal, she eats 1/4th of it, and then 2 hours later she is eating a bag of popcorn or snacking on something else. I can’t keep up. I feel like it has made me fatter because when she gets up to fix a snack she tries to share with me, and believe me I don’t need it.

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  • Erin Hackett

    So here’s that way that works – first trimester, you don’t feel good, you’re tired, you’re wondering why you have all these changes without having evidence (except through ultrasound) that there is indeed a baby growing inside you. And yes, while you may crave things (usually not crazy things as is the rumor), you body and the hormones just don’t make the food seem appetizing once its in front of you. Second trimester, things change, a lot. And when she’s hungry then, I promise, she WILL eat!

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