For the record, pregnant women complain more about their clothes than non-pregnant women.

This happens rather oddly, at least for mine. Brandie started getting a pooch. Yet she wanted to deny it for as long as possible. There is this magical little time between when their clothes start to not fit and when they are willing to admit that they do not fit. After watching her change 10 times for the show at the Rep last night, I decided just to walk her into gap maternity just to see what her reaction would be.

Initially as I thought she was mad at me for the  idea of going ahead and buying a few maternity clothes. Despite the fact of course that her only remaining pair of jeans that fit are starting to cut into her a little. She went ahead with it and looked though, reluctantly.

Guys let me tell you, there are very few battles you want to pick with your pregnant wife, maternity jeans are worth it. She walked into the dressing room complaining about having to even try on maternity jeans and walked out proclaiming that these were the most comfortable pair of jeans that she has ever worn. Score one for the dad-to-be.

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  • Tsudo


    It’s handy having you a few weeks ahead of me.

    • Greg

      You are always free to guest blog

  • carina


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